Important Dates coming up

31 January 2013 Turnover tax payment due
31 January 2013 Deadline for ITR12 income tax returns for provisional taxpayers and   trusts
7 February 2013 PAYE for January 2013 due
7 – 15 February 2013 Supply us with your provisional figures for the year ending 28/2/2013
28 February 2013 Deadline for ITR14 income tax returns for companies, CC’s
28 February 2013 Deadline for provisional tax payments due for the year to 28/2/2013
28 February 2013 Companies with a 28/2 year-end needs to take stock for annual   financial statements purposes
Do your   tax planning now in January in order to make additional payments to   retirement annuities and get all purchase invoices before year-end. Send   reminders to debtors that they need to pay early in February for the year-end   cut-off and request creditors for the monthly statements in order for you to   reconcile.
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