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revellers pack into Brighton’s hospitals From The Argus

The St John Ambulance team who worked voluntarily in Preston Park also treated 210 people over the day most of whom did not go to A Pride organisers are due to
cheap ray bans meet police, hospital bosses and the city council later
discount ray bans this month to discuss the running of the event, which drew 150,000 visitors to Brighton, and lessons for theDan May, St John Ambulance’s assistant commissioner for Sussex, said: "The rain meant that everyone was very wet including the casualties who were arriving at our treatment centres and so as well

as dealing with their various conditions we also had to keep them warm.

"We unfortunately had some very poorly people come our way who were looked after in our intensive care area and some of them did end up being taken to local hospitals."

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust said: "As is often the case when Brighton and Hove hosts major events such as Pride,
cheap ray bans the Royal Sussex County Hospital was

exceptionally busy over the weekend and our staff worked exceptionally hard over what was a very challenging 24 hours.

"It was a challenge that everyone rose to and all the 400 patients who came into our A department on Saturday was treated and either admitted or discharged in a timely and appropriate way."

Police who searched suspected drug users said they found several substances believed to be the party drug GHB, as well as cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine.

In total
cheap ray bans police arrested six people for possession of drugs with intent to supply and seized substances from several more people who did not face formal action.

Of the other 11 arrests, four were for affray, two for public order offences, one for drunk and disorderly behaviour, two for breaches of anti social behaviour orders, one for theft of a mobile

phone and one for domestic violence.

On Saturday afternoon Superintendent Steve Whitton said: "Given the substantial numbers we have seen, it has been a peaceful and successful event with very few isolated incidents.Articles Connexes:

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