Identify and make recommendations regarding persistent

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canada goose black friday sale Combined Provost, Deans canada goose victoria parka outlet and Management GroupImplementation Team on Prevention and Response to Sexual ViolenceOpen and Affordable Course Materials Working canada goose outlet store uk GroupQueen’s Strategic Enrolment Management GroupUniversity Council on Anti Racism and EquityReporting to the Principal, the University canada goose black friday Council on Anti Racism and Equity (UCARE) canada goose outlet in canada was established in 2017 in response to a recommendation of the Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity and Inclusion (PICRDI). UCARE is responsible for coordinating, reviewing, and reporting on the progress of sustained university wide initiatives to address racism and to promote diversity and inclusion at Queen’s.[1] The UCARE will help shape the vision and strategy of the university.Promote and support efforts of the university that foster a diverse, canada goose outlet florida inclusive campus community.Monitor the implementation of the PICRDI Final Report.Monitor progress of anti racism and equity initiatives.Identify and make recommendations regarding persistent obstacles to progress on diversity and inclusion, including those related to resources, organizational structures, policies, protocols and processes faced by racialized students, staff and faculty. This canada goose outlet price will include, but not be limited to, factors associated with attraction and retention of racialized students, staff and faculty.Coordinate and facilitate synergies amongst complementary initiatives within the university, and identify opportunities for collaboration external to the university.Establish sub councils as may be determined appropriate by UCARE.Coordinate ongoing communication with the wider Queen’s Community.Prepare an annual report of its activities, to be submitted for information to the Senate, the Board of Trustees and to the wider Queen’s Community canada goose black friday sale.

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