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Retirement Annuities

BUDGET MAKES THE RETIREMENT ANNUITY A POWERFUL SAVINGS VEHICLE While the impact of the new budget will continue to be analysed for some time, a key implication for investors is that the retirement annuity (RA) is now even more effective … Continue reading

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Travel claims

DON’T LET THESE 3 TRAVEL ALLOWANCE ERRORS TRIGGER A 200% TAX PENALTY FOR YOUR BUSINESS Here’s how to avoid the errors Do you know how to structure your travel allowance, so it’s not a risk for your business? And do … Continue reading

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The new South African Revenue Service

The tax industry over the last few years has changed dramatically and it is clear that there is a huge drop in administration efficiency of SARS but an increase in collection efficiency.This is because we as tax practitioners have to … Continue reading

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The development stages of a business

Dear client, Why is it that some business owners must work 15 hours a day to keep their businesses operating while other owners can go off and play golf as the business goes happily along on its own? Or how … Continue reading

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